Monday, March 31, 2014

Q1 Finishes - Summary

For the 2014 Q1 Finish-a-long I set some goals which can be found here.  

First let's start off with the Dr. Who Quilt.  

For my Doctor Who quilt the final blocks were release and I finished them as soon as I could.  I then began working on the quilting.  Right after quilting the last block my machine started having issues, and had to go to the shop.  Since I did quilt as you go, I have 20 quilted blocks and that is as far as I have gotten.  I am glad to report that my machine is fixed and I can continue work this weekend on my projects.  Unfortunately the Dr. Who quilt will join my Q2 goals as it is unfinished.

Now on a happy note let's talk about what I DID get done!

My zig-zag quilt is a group quilt.  Everyone made 4-9 patches and then I am responsible for finishing the quilt.  I am happy to say that the quilt has been completed!  It can be seen here.

Last year sometime I took a class, and make a log cabin top during that class.  It is finally finished.  Not sure where this one will end up, but it might be donated to charity quilts for my local quilt guild.

I also had a 1600 UFO that needed to be finished.  I decided to applique a lotus follower on the top, and have finished the quilting and binding.  It is now complete. Check it out here.

My Hexi table runner is quilted and complete.  I ended up quilting it by machine as I felt it would hold up better.  It still has not been washed, and therefore is not on display, but it is complete!

The last of my goals was to complete a baby quilt for my Husband’s cousin who was had their baby in March.  This may seem like a distant relationship to be giving a quilt to, but I grew up knowing my husband’s cousin, so I have known him longer than my husband J.  The baby quilt is complete and has been gifted, so now I can share it.  The Mom and son are doing well and started using the quilt right away!

I can’t believe I met most of my goals for this quarter!  I have lots in store for next quarter, and am already beginning the list.

Linking up to The Littlest Thistle:

See everyone in a few days for my list of Q2 goals.  I already am starting the list, but will have more details soon.  As this list is too long to finish in Q2.
  • Baby Quilt for expecting friend
  • Baby Quilt for expecting cousin
  • Dr. Who Quilt
  • Border of the Month Quilt
  • Zig-Zag Batik Quilt
  • Snowball Quilt
  • Sister's Choice Quilt
  • Easy Street Quilt
  • Red/White and Black couch Quilt
See you soon.


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    1. Thanks Katy! I hoped to get more done but with my machine acting up, I did as much as I was able to :)