Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lotus Baby Quilt

The last of my finishes for the weekend was Lotus, for my Cousin Jessica’s new baby girl.  The baby was born about 3 months ago, so it’s about time I finished the quilt and mailed it off.

At the beginning of the quarter it was just a quilt top.  As usual I did the quilting on the machines at Quilting-by-you.  This time I went out of my comfort zone, as I have wanted to try my hand at stars.  Since the fabrics are so busy I figured this was the best time to try it out.  I think the quilting turned out okay, but I without question need to practice stars some more.   Hopefully I can get this quilt mailed out this week as my cousin knows it is complete, thanks to social media, and will be looking for it in the mail.  I hope she likes it when she sees it, as it is quite different than the one I made for her other daughter!

Pattern: Jaybird Quilts Lotus

3rd Quarter goals: Goal posting

Snacktime baby quilt

One of my quarter three goals was to finish Snacktime for a good friends baby.  I hoped to have the quilt made before the baby was born, thus it is gender neutral.  Unfortunately I was a bit slow and Everly has joined her mom, dad, and brother over a month ago.  Good news is that the quilt is now complete and it is ready to gift to the new arrival.

At the beginning of the quarter the quilt was just a quilt top, so I quilted it at my local shop, Quilting-By-You and added the binding and label.  Here is the final quilt.  

Pattern: Snacktime by Jaybird Quilts

Giggles Baby Quilt

One of my quarter three goals was to finish Giggles, the Chevron quilt for my cousin's son, Miller.  The baby was born earlier this year and is probably at least 6 months old, but I was quite busy this summer, so it finally got done.

At the beginning of the quarter it was just a quilt top, so I quilted it at my local shop, Quilting-By-You, where I can rent time on one of their machines.  I also had to make and apply the binding.  Here is the final quilt.  I hope to mail it out this week, so the baby can begin enjoying it.

Pattern: Giggles by Jaybird Quilts

Busy weekend of finishes - Alabama lap quilt

Over the weekend I was on a mission.  I had three quilts that had been sitting for a month waiting for the binding to be hand stitched, and a fourth quilt I started about two weeks ago that needed binding to be made and stitched.  I decided that since my machine needed to go in for its yearly cleaning I should probably make the 4th binding, machine the binding on, and make the 4 needed labels.  While I was doing that I figured I might as well finish appliquéing the last 8 leaves for a different quilt that is in process.  I am happy to say that all four quilts are done and now deserve to be shown off.

Three of the quilts were on my Q3 finish-a-long list, so they will each get their own post.

The 4th quilt I made was for a dear friend’s mother.  She spends a good portion of her day sitting down, and she is an Alabama alumni, so I thought it was only fitting to make her a small lap quilt.  This quilt is based on the Giggles pattern by Jaybird Quilts.  I altered the pattern to make the quilt 2 colors and then added the appliqued “A”.  The quilt in total took just about 5 yards of fabric.  I bought 2 yards of the silver and 4 of the crimson and had some left over from each piece, but not much.  The back is the crimson fabric from the front.  The quilt was quilted on a long-arm by me, at my local shop Quilting-By-You, where I can rent time on one of their machines.  There is a label on the back but I am not going to show it because the recipient has not received it yet.

Sorry for the lack of photos...

So a few months back I had to change my email address for personal reasons, and I thought I transitioned all of my photos and my blog appropriately.  When I got in to write my upcoming posts today I noticed my header photo was missing, and as I dug deeper I noticed all of my posts from when I had my old email address are missing all of the photos.

Good news is I still have all of the photos…

Bad news is I have to manually touch all of the posts to re-add the photos.  This may take a bit, so “pardon the dust” while I work to get my blog back in order.