Sunday, October 9, 2016

Q4 Finish-a-long = Project #7 Monkey Gifts

I have finished my first project of the 4th Quarter.  Twice a year I go to a quilt retreat where eight of us sit together on the porch, and have a blast.  We are the Monkey's on the Porch.  Each retreat we each bring an item for the other Monkey's.  Sometimes the items are handmade other times it something from the store.  

Last year when I saw the row by row for a Rockford, IL quilt shop was a monkey rowing a boat, I knew I had to use it for the Monkey Gifts.

Here is the final project.  I made a friendship quilt, where all the blocks are able to be taken home by each person.  There is only one way for the quilt to go together as the sashing pieces only match up one way.

I finally finished them tonight, and I hope they like them! #2016FAL

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Q4 Finish-a-long Goals

Here are my Goals for this quarter, in no particular order.

#1 Stain Glass Block of the month - This quilt will not be completed until Q4, but I want to make sure to keep it on the radar.  A group of friends all decided to do a paper pieced block of the month quilt.  The design is by Ula Lenz and the pattern can be found here

I currently am up to 9 blocks complete, after third quarter and hope to finish this quilt during Q4

#2 Wall Hanging: Totem Poles – I need to figure out where I put this project, so that I can finish it.

#3 Grandmother's flower garden – This was on the back burner, until I had a work trip scheduled in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I was able to get part of the top together but now need to put more flowers together.  I am also second guessing my decision to make this a baby quilt....which means it may end up as a Queen Sized quilt.  

I hopefully will complete it this quarter, but only if I keep making more flowers.

#4 Inside Out Pineapple baby quilt - I found this pattern online as a free pattern, and think it would make a great baby quilt for my cousin who is expecting.  I was going to set the blocks next to each other, then when I pinned them up on my design wall and they rotated themselves, I got to thinking that on point might also be cute. 

I have to finish this baby quilt this quarter as the baby will be born soon!

#5 Licence Plate Quilt - This fabric is from a shop hop last year, and needs to be made into a quilt.  I am thinking 1-2 borders on each plate, then piecing them all together.

 #6 Shop Hop Quilt - Last year I made a quilt with half of the kits I purchased during my shop hop.  The rest need to me put together into a second quilt.  Right now it's a pile of fabric for each row.

#7 Monkey Gifts 
When working on this project last quarter it took a bit of a turn in design. The monkey in the pattern was bigger than I thought so rather than pin cushions I am making a friendship quilt that will be in 8 pieces.  This will get done in quarter 3, as it's for my retreat in October.

I have the blocks done, but need to do the binding.  This will be done in Q4 for sure!

#8 Tissue Holders - I started these probably 5 years ago.  Time I finish them up.  There are parts for at least 10 holders.  I started to work on this last quarter and realized that the pieces I had cut were either side A or B, but the A ones didn't coordinate color-wise with the B ones.  I need to either find more scraps or cut up these bits and put them in my scrap bins.

#9 Flower panels - While cleaning I found these, and had forgotten about them.  These panels are backed and need to be stitched and turned into a cute bag.

#10 Midnight Flight - I took this class from Bonnie Hunter during her visit to my local guild.  I have one block and a bunch of pieces complete, but am really looking forward to finishing this one.

I made a couple blocks, but really need to dedicate time to this one.

#11 Tula Pinks - 100 modern blocks - I decided to join in a quilt-a-long that is completing one block a day for 100 days.  I am almost half way through making the blocks and hope to finish this quilt in Q4.

#12 - Star Wars pillow case - My son loves Star Wars, so I bought this fabric to make him a pillow case, now I just need to make it.

#13 Boomerang - I love the Jaybird Quilts patterns and can't wait to make this one.  One of my local quilt shops is closing, so I picked up the fabric to make this quilt.

#14 Ditto - This is another Jaybird Quilt pattern that I plan to make this quarter.  This quilt may end up on my sons bed, but I may decide to just keep it for the living room.

#15 Northern Lights - I made a quilt from this pattern for my friends son, and loved the look.  I also learned a few things about what fabrics I picked.  These fabrics will make a queen sized version for my bed in Valentines Day colors.  Note, the order shown is not the correct order....the fabrics got mixed up when I was at the store, so I have to re-figure out the order I decided on.

Those are my goal for Q4!  I hope to finish many of them!