Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 - Q1 Finish-a-long Goals

Here are my Goals for this quarter, in no particular order.

#1 Wall Hanging: Totem Poles – I need to figure out where I put this project, so that I can finish it.

#2 Grandmother's flower garden – This was on the back burner, until I had a work trip scheduled in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I was able to get part of the top together but now need to put more flowers together.  I am also second guessing my decision to make this a baby quilt....which means it may end up as a Queen Sized quilt.  

I hopefully will complete it this quarter, but only if I keep making more flowers.

#3 Licence Plate Quilt - This fabric is from a shop hop last year, and needs to be made into a quilt.  I am thinking 1-2 borders on each plate, then piecing them all together.

 #4 Shop Hop Quilt - Last year I made a quilt with half of the kits I purchased during my shop hop.  The rest need to me put together into a second quilt.  Right now it's a pile of fabric for each row.

#5 Tissue Holders - I started these probably 5 years ago.  Time I finish them up.  There are parts for at least 10 holders.  I started to work on this last quarter and realized that the pieces I had cut were either side A or B, but the A ones didn't coordinate color-wise with the B ones.  I need to either find more scraps or cut up these bits and put them in my scrap bins.

#6 Flower panels - While cleaning I found these, and had forgotten about them.  These panels are backed and need to be stitched and turned into a cute bag.

#7 Midnight Flight - I took this class from Bonnie Hunter during her visit to my local guild. I have the top done, but need to quilt and bind it.  P.S.  Don't mind the messy sewing studio.

#8 Tula Pinks - 100 modern blocks - The top is done.  Now it needs quilting and binding.

#9 Boomerang - I love the Jaybird Quilts patterns and can't wait to make this one.  One of my local quilt shops is closing, so I picked up the fabric to make this quilt.

#10 Ditto - This is another Jaybird Quilt pattern that I plan to make this quarter.  This quilt may end up on my sons bed, but I may decide to just keep it for the living room.

#11 Northern Lights - This quilt is almost complete.  It just needs to be trimmed and bound.

#12 - Darth Vader quilt for my Nephew's birthday.  You may remember this kit from last year, when I made one for my son.  At my son's birthday party I could tell that my nephew was a tad jealous of the quilt.  So after months of hunting I found another kit.  Now I just need to get it done before his birthday.

 #13 Christmas Tree Wall hanging - I got this panel from a local quilt shop.  It just needs some borders and will make a cute wall hanging.  I know Christmas just ended, but if I do it now, it will be ready for next Christmas.

#14 Glazed Donuts - As you probably know by now, I love Jaybird Quilt patterns.  When my local quilt shop had a going out of business sale I went in with projects in mind.  Can't wait to do this one.

#15 Cinnamon Bun - As you probably know by now, I love Jaybird Quilt patterns.  When my local quilt shop had a going out of business sale I went in with projects in mind.  Can't wait to do this one.

Those are my goal for Q1!  I hope to finish many of them!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Q4 - Inside Out Pineapple baby quilt

This pattern can be found online as a free pattern.

The quilt has been finished for my cousin's baby which is due in February, and has been happily received by the mom. #2016FAL

Q4 Finish - Stain Glass Block of the month

I finished!  I completed my 2016 Block of the Month (BOM) and put the last stitches in the binding on December 31st.   In all fairness it was 99% done by Christmas Day, I just hadn't fixed a little spot I caught until the 31st. 

Here it is. #2016FAL