Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Q3 Finish-a-long Goals

Here are my Goals for this quarter, in no particular order (although to be fair, I did move the new projects to the top of the list since they are more likely to be completed).

#1 Boomerang - It's quilted.  Just needs binding!  Here is a photo of it on Gertie at Quilting-by-You.  The quilt was so large I had to use Gertie for the first time.  Gertie doesn't have a stitch regulator, like I am used to, so I was a bit intimidated, but once I got going I was okay.  Next time I think I will be able to do a more detailed quilting design.

#2 Ditto - Guess what.  Not only is the top complete, but the quilting is done as well.  All this quilt needs is binding!

#3 Glazed Donuts - As you probably know by now, I love Jaybird Quilt patterns.  When my local quilt shop had a going out of business sale I went in with projects in mind.  Can't wait to do this one.  Looking at this stack it looks like I need to pull a neutral from my to decide if I use white or black.  Black is my go to neutral, but if I keep this quilt for myself I could use white, as it will just be on my bed. Decisions, decisions.  I didn't get around to this quilt in Q2, so I am thinking it will be great to work on in Q3.

#4 Cinnamon Bun - Q2 was productive for me, as far as piecing and quilting goes.  Binding...not so much.  The top and quilting are complete, but guess what...the binding still needs to be done.  I don't hate binding, I just haven't sat down to do any lately.  Too many cute quilts to piece.

#5 Baby Quit #1 (girl) – This quilt just needs binding.

#6 Wall Hanging: Totem Poles – I haven’t worked on this in forever.  I either need to finish it or scrap it.  I really like the Totem Poles (there are two of them, but apparently my photo only shows one), but have learned better techniques to applique from the time I started this, so a decision needs to be made on if it’s going to actually be completed or if I will eventually abandon it.  I am going to Paducah at the end of April, and I am thinking this would be a good hand project to get out. 

#7 Grandmother's flower garden – Guess what.  I decided to machine quilt this one, so it is done, and ready for binding.  This may stay on the list for a while, as I want to bind it based on the babies gender, and that won't be known for quite a while.

#8 Licence Plate Quilt - This fabric is from a shop hop in 2015 and some plates from 2016, and needs to be made into a quilt.  I am thinking 1-2 borders on each plate, then piecing them all together.

 #9 Shop Hop Quilt - Last year I made a quilt with half of the kits I purchased during my shop hop.  The rest need to me put together into a second quilt.  Right now it's a pile of fabric for each row.

#10 Flower panels - While cleaning I found these, and had forgotten about them.  These panels are backed and need to be stitched and turned into a cute bag.  I have put this off for so long I think I am just going to toss these on the long-arm to do simple quilting (rather than trying thread painting), and make them into a quick and easy bag!

#11 Christmas Tree Wall hanging - I got this panel from a local quilt shop.  It just needs some borders and will make a cute wall hanging.  I know Christmas just ended, but if I do it now, it will be ready for next Christmas.

#12 - Owl Quilt - Here is the inspiration for the quilt.

#13 - Wolf Quilt - Here is the inspiration for the quilt.  I have purchased by fabric and will get started once a couple other, already in process, quilt are finished.

#14 Kaleidoscope by Quilt Addicts Anonymous - I am working on this quilt as a Block of the Month, so it won't actually get finished this quarter, but I don't want to lose track of it.

#15 Rainbow Layer Cake by Quilt Addicts Anonymous - All it needs is binding!

 #16 Refraction by Quilt Addicts Anonymous - The top is done, just need to buy backing, quilt and bind it.

#17 - Quilt for Ruby - I made the top in Q2, after buying the fabric on my trip to Paducah.  Just needs to be quilted and bound.

#18 - Quilt for Pearl - I made the top in Q2, after buying the fabric on my trip to Paducah.  Just needs to be quilted and bound.

#19 - Name for Ruby - Need to finish this.  It will either be a sign or a pillow.

#20 - Name for Pearl - Like the name for Ruby, I am making Pearl's name also into either a sign or pillow.  It will be made out of the leftovers of this fabric.

#21 - Banner for friend's quilt shop - I am making a banner for my friends quilt shop with Alphabet Soup (Jaybird Quilts) letters.

#22 - Lion - While at the Spring quilt show, I visited the Cherrywood table, and fell in love with their version of this lion.  I already had the pattern at home, so I purchased the fabrics.  I am hoping to make this quilt at retreat in August.

Those are my goal for Q3!  I hope to finish many of them!

#6 Baby Quilt 2 (known)

I finished goal number six from my Q2 goals.  At the time of the goal setting I had found out that the couple was having a boy, but I couldn't tell anyone as it was a secret.  

Since I had two quilts to make for the soon to be cousins I pick the Jaybird Quilts Glazed Donuts pattern, as it looked fun.  So I started with the pattern:

#7 Baby Quilt 3 (unknown)

I finished goal number seven from my Q2 goals.  At the time of the goal setting I did not know if the baby would be a girl or a boy, so I decided to go neutral on this quilt.  Then life got busy and I ended up not starting the quilt until after the baby was born... so instead of neutral I was able to make it girly.  I had plenty of time as the baby shower is during this holiday weekend. 

This is the second of the two Jaybird Quilts - Glazed Donuts quilts.  I hope the recipient and her parents like it.

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