Monday, January 8, 2018

On Ringo Lake - Assembly

So tonight I started assembling quilt 1.  I still have to finish sewing the pieces from clue #3 together for the sashing, but all units are made and all set-in triangles are ready.

So quilt #2.....I have made progress.  I have the second set of Geese half done.  They just need their left wing.  Then I can start assembling the blocks.  Then I will have to go back to clue #3 to make the sashing.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 - Q1 Finish-a-long Goals list

Here are my goals for Q1.  I am hoping to complete a good number of them, since I have been busy quilting lately and just need to square things up, or finish quilting them, and then bind and label.

Here we go.

#1 Glazed Donuts – I have finished the piecing and now need to bind and label.

#2 Licence Plate Quilt -  The top is done and quilted.  Now it just needs binding and a label.

#3 Kaleidoscope by Quilt Addicts Anonymous - This quilt was my 2017 Block of the Month.  This was the second year I had picked on BOM to do.  I am happy to say that it is all pieced and I even quilted it on December 30th.  Just haven't had time to trim it and then add binding and a label.

#4 - While at the Spring quilt show, I visited the Cherrywood table, and fell in love with their version of this lion.  I already had the pattern at home, so I purchased the fabrics.  I was able to get the Lion most of the way completed at my Summer Retreat, and then finsihed it as soon as I returned home.  I then sent it off to be quilted.  Once it’s returned (I can’t wait to see what the quilter does with it) I will bind and label it!  It should be done this quarter, as the quilter is beginning work on it this week!!!

#5 – Baby Breerwood quilt – My cousin is having a baby boy, which means it's time to make a boy quilt for her house.  I am making Jaybird Quilts Cookie Cutter.  I have the top all pieced and quilted it last week.  Now I just need to trim it and then bind it.

#6 Christmas Tree Wall hanging - I got this panel from a local quilt shop.  I've added borders and now just need to quilt it.  Think I'll get it done before next Christmas?

#7 - On Ringo Lake - version 1 - So I am participating in the Bonnie Hunter 2017 mystery quilt and here is my first version.  I have all of the blocks done but need to put the sashing together and then sew everything together.

#8 On Ringo Lake - Version 2 - Because doing just one quilt isn't enough....I am making two of this mystery quilt.  I am a bit behind on the second version.  The colors for the second one are Red, Blue, Cream and Black.  And it's actually scrappy...well controlled scrappy.  This one will be a gift for a family member.

#9 - Owl Quilt - Here is the inspiration for the quilt.

 #10 - Wolf Quilt - Here is the inspiration for the quilt.  I have purchased by fabric and have cut about half of the pieces.  Hopefully I will get a new design wall up soon, and then I can layout the entire top and continue working on it!

#11 Grandmother's flower garden – This quilt only needs binding, but will be on the list for a while as once it has a recipient I will pick the binding based on the babies gender.

#12 Weaving with Diving board fabric.  The weaving will either become a bag or a wall hanging.

#13 Family Rules wall hanging - I have pieced a border for this panel, and quilted it.  I just need to trim it and then add binding and a label.

#14 - I've been looking at this kit on the Quilt Addicts Anonymous website for a while now, so the other day I broke down and went in and bought it.  So now I just need to make it!!

#15 - Alphabet Soup - the letters are from Jaybird Quilts book Alphabet soup.  This top needs to be quilted, bound and labeled.

So, you may have noticed a trend.  I got lots of quilting done over my Christmas Break, but didn't work on binding at all!  So I am hopefully to have about 9 finishes in Q1.

Abandoned projects:
Wall Hanging: Totem Poles – I have officially decided to abandoned this project!

Shop Hop Quilt – in 2015 I made a quilt with half of the kits I purchased during my shop hop.   I have officially decided to abandoned this project and have added the fabric to my stash, and kept the patterns for if I ever want to make any of them.

Those are my goal for Q1!  I hope to finish many of them.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery:Clue 5 - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2017

So I was able to finish not only clue 4, but also 5, and the ironing from 3. 

 I also had time to do some of the cutting for my second quilt.  All of the black I will need.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery:Clue 4 - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2017

I didn't get very far on Clue #4 this weekend.  But I did finsh the sewing for clue #3, still need to iron all of them.

Here is the cutting I did get done.

Instead of working on the mystery, I was working on this Daschound wall hanging for a holiday swap at my local quilt shop.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery:Clue 3 - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2017

This week has been a busy one.  I started the mystery quilt week one using a bright blue, bright orange, cream, and a dark navy blue.  This quilt will be all made out of batiks.  The further I got into the quilt I decided I had plenty of time each week, after finishing the first two clues within the weekend that they were released.

So, call me crazy, but I started a second quilt.  This second quilt had the colors picked based on the person/family I plan to give it to.  The colors for the second quilt will be Red, Blue, Cream and Black.  For this one I am using my printed fabrics….no batiks.  The family I plan on giving it to are huge Cubs fans, so hopefully the colors will be right up their alley.

I think the two quilts will turn out similar, but still uniquely different.

So this week is week three.  The units we are creating when put together look like chevrons.  Although I am assuming when Bonnie Hunter reveals the final layout they probably will not be Chevrons, but separated in the quilt.  This block I really had trouble with.  I wanted to do the no waste method, but tried a couple times and my blocks kept coming up to small.  So when all else fails use the tried and true, stitch and flip method.  Even though there is waste, there isn’t much waste.  The left over triangles are so tiny, I doubt Josie (the person I give my scraps to) will even want them.  She will get them, and if they are too small, she will just throw them away.  I don’t typically like small pieces.  If it’s smaller than 2.5 inches square, I typically will put it in a bag for Josie.  She uses anything and everything, and makes the scraps look beautiful.

Anyway, I haven’t finished Clue #3 for quilt 1, as we need a large number of each, but have the clue 3/4 done.   Then onto the second set, if I get to it this week.  If not, I will start work on Clue #4 and come back to Clue #3 as I have time.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Bonnie Hunter Mystery - Clue 2

I finished clue 2 today, which was to make a gaggle of geese.

You may noticed I changed up my colors a bit.

I am using Cream, Bright Light Blue, Orange, and a Dark Blue.

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