Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Finish-a-long Q3

Here are my Goals for this quarter, in no particular order.

#1 Stain Glass Block of the month - This quilt will not be completed in Q3, but I want to make sure to keep it on the radar.  A group of friends all decided to do a paper pieced block of the month quilt.  The design is by Ula Lenz and the pattern can be found here

I currently am up to 6 blocks complete.

#2 Wall Hanging: Totem Poles – This one I am not sure where the project is currently even at!  Probably should find it and finish it. 

#3 Grandmother's flower garden – This one is on the back burner, I think I need more flowers.  

#4 Inside Out Pineapple baby quilt - I found this pattern online as a free pattern, and think it would make a great baby quilt for my cousin who is expecting.  I was going to set the blocks next to each other, then when I pinned them up on my design wall and they rotated themselves, I got to thinking that on point might also be cute. 

I did not make any progress on this quilt, last quarter...but need to get working on it, as the baby is due in September.

#5 Licence Plate Quilt - This fabric is from a shop hop last year, and needs to be made into a quilt.  I am thinking 1-2 borders on each plate, then piecing them all together.

Once again...I didn't touch this quilt.

 #6 Shop Hop Quilt - Last year I made a quilt with half of the kits I purchased during my shop hop.  The rest need to me put together into a second quilt.  Right now it's a pile of fabric for each row.

I didn't touch this project either.

#7 Monkey Gifts 
When working on this project last quarter it took a bit of a turn in design. The monkey in the pattern was bigger than I thought so rather than pin cushions I am making a friendship quilt that will be in 8 pieces.  This will get done in quarter 3, as it's for my retreat in October.

#8 Doll Quilt - This little doll quilt has been quilted, and just needs to be bound.

 #9 Baby Quilt - This little baby quilt just needs to be quilted and bound.

#10 Tissue Holders - I started these probably 5 years ago.  Time I finish them up.  There are parts for at least 10 holders.  I started to work on this last quarter and realized that the pieces I had cut were either side A or B, but the A ones didn't coordinate color-wise with the B ones.  I need to either find more scraps or cut up these bits and put them in my scrap bins.  I am going to assume I will make the tissue holders this quarter.

#11 Flower panels - While cleaning I found these, and had forgotten about them.  These panels are backed and need to be stitched and turned into a cute bag.

#12 Scrap Crystals - The top is done and now it needs to be quilted, bound and labeled.  Pattern is by Bonnie Hunter.

#13 Midnight Flight - I took this class from Bonnie Hunter during her visit to my local guild.  I have one block and a bunch of pieces complete, but am really looking forward to finishing this one.

#14 Darth Vader Lap Quilt - This quilt is for my son as he has taken to Star Wars and is now obsessed.  When I saw this panel at a Quilt Show for a reasonable price I picked it up.  Darth is Quilt, but still needs binding and a label.  He WILL get finished this quarter, as my son's birthday is at the end of August, and this will be one of his presents.

 #15 Solar System Lap Quilt

#16 Live, Love & Laugh Wall hangings (2) - For some reason I bought 8 of these panels.  My goal for this quarter is to finish two of them.

#17 Alphabet baby quilt #1 - image below

#18 Alphabet baby quilt #2 - image below
#19 Construction Machine baby quilt - All three projects are shown in this one photo.  First you see the two Alphabet panels (right next to each other) which will be baby quilts and back by the machine is the construction panel which will become a baby quilt as well.  I have quilted all three of these quilts, just need to bind and label them. 

#20 Around Town baby quilt (shown below)
#21 Construction Jobsite baby quilt - Both of these goals are in one photo again, as I try to quilt small projects side by side on the long arm, that I rent time on.  It cuts down on the loading time, and if I pick a thread that goes with each I can do a pass on each quilt without stopping.  These are two panels that I bought when my son was either on the way or newly born.  He turns 7 in August, so needless to say they are a bit young for him now and just need to be done.  Both of these quilts need binding and a label.

#22 Hexagon Quilt - This quilt I made on a complete whim, and it was pretty fast to put together.  Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts has been showing us a hexagon quilt over the last couple of months, that she is slowly adding to.  As I was cleaning up my quilting room one day, I had many 10 inch squares left from my gravity quilt.  I decided to start cutting them up into Hexagons, and then laid them out in a simple pattern. As you can see I even finished quilting it sits.  It needs binding, and a label.  Do you see my trend and why I didn't finish much in Q2....I quilted a lot!

Reading through my list you may think that there is no way I will get all of this done.  My hope is that by listing it all out, and spending some dedicated time doing binding, I will be able to knock most of the projects off this list.  These last couple of months I have been very busy piecing and quilting, so now is the time with the Olympics coming up, to slow down, watch a bit of TV or a couple movies, and bind, bind, bind (and label).

Realistically I think I will probably be able to finish 13 or 14 of them....which ones is the question....come back at the end of the quarter to find out which ones were completed.

Q2 Finish Gravity

I am happy to say that this project was completed.  While I was working on finishing the binding Bonnie Hunter happened to stop by the Get-a-way I was at, and she is friends with Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, and snapped this photo.  I was excited to not only be mentioned on Twitter, but Instagram and Facebook.   I love how this quilt turned out!

I do need to put this quilt on my bed, so that I have a better photo of it.

Q2 Finish - Fold It Bag

Number 11 on my list for this Quarter was the Fold it Bag.

 I finished this project!  It was very easy to make, but I don't know that I will ever make one again, as it isn't very functional.  It looks cute though.

Q2 Goals: