Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

So I know it is quite a bit after Christmas, but I thought I would do a summary since all of the quilted gifts have been given.  For me this was the year of the Quilt.

For my Grandma & Grandpa I made my own version of the + quilt out of fat quarters.  My grandma has always like the shade of green in the quilt and when I saw the fabric at a "steal" of a price I had to purchase it.

Here is the One Block Wonder I made for the little Redhead.  Of course he is showing the back of the quilt.

I managed to keep the next one a secret for many months.  I created this one from the Geared for Guys book.  I really love the book and have now made two quilts from the book. DH had tried to trick me multiple time to find out what his present was, but I stuck to it and kept my secret.  This quilt has gotten lots of use since it was gifted.

A few years ago my sister gave me here old fabric from when she was in high school.  Then in 2011/2012 I participated in a quilt guild raffle block giveaway and won.  The front of the quilt contains the blocks I won, and additional blocks I created, and the back of the quilt contains some of the yardage my sister gave me.  When I made this quilt I knew I was going to give it to my sister and BIL.

This next quilt...if you are keeping track this is Christmas Quilt #5 was made for my youngest Sister and BIL.  This was an origional design, they live on the West Cost near the ocean, and my new found love for Batiks made for a wonderful "water" combination.

The next quilt was a pattern from the Sizzix blog and was designed by Amy Friend.  I had known that I wanted to try a triangle pattern and when I saw this design I knew I had the right fabric bundle from Connecting Threads to use, and the perfect "Grandmother" to give it too (my mom).

The final quilt I gifted at Christmas was to my oldest Nephew.  His younger brother received a quilt when he was born and I thought it was time for my oldest Nephew to also have one.  Due to his age I first asked him early in 2012 if he would like me to make him a quilt, and I got a big YES.  Since I know kids can change favorite colors I asked him if he had any color preferences, and his answer was Yellow and Black.  My dad and his dad were standing near by and were quick to point out that those were Iowa Hawkeye colors, and that got a big grin.  I thought I would run with it and added Herky to the quilt in a few spots.  I also big stitched around Herky to give some additional color to the quilt.

That about sums up my Christmas gifting.  All I have to say is 7 quilts as gifts in one year is a lot of quilts ... and that will not be happening again in the near future since I am amazed that they all were completed on time.

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