Sunday, October 9, 2016

Q4 Finish-a-long = Project #7 Monkey Gifts

I have finished my first project of the 4th Quarter.  Twice a year I go to a quilt retreat where eight of us sit together on the porch, and have a blast.  We are the Monkey's on the Porch.  Each retreat we each bring an item for the other Monkey's.  Sometimes the items are handmade other times it something from the store.  

Last year when I saw the row by row for a Rockford, IL quilt shop was a monkey rowing a boat, I knew I had to use it for the Monkey Gifts.

Here is the final project.  I made a friendship quilt, where all the blocks are able to be taken home by each person.  There is only one way for the quilt to go together as the sashing pieces only match up one way.

I finally finished them tonight, and I hope they like them! #2016FAL

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