Friday, June 27, 2014

Q2 Finish-a-long Completed Goals.

It's that time....time to see what Goals I have completed this quarter.  This quarter was really busy for me and I mainly worked on Quilt #4, my Border of the Month Quilt.  I am hoping to get it finished in time for my guilds September Quilt show.  Unfortunately it is not done yet.

Quilt 1 – Finished!
First up is a supper secret baby quilt for a friend and fellow quilter.  The top is made out of Batik's, it just needs to have the quilting, binding and label finished.  I finished this quilt – check it out here.

Quilt 2 – Finished!
The next on my list is a special quilt for my cousin who is expecting in May.  It is a fun animal quilt.  The top is done and I am scheduled to quilt it on April 26th.  I was able to get this quilt completed and to it’s new home before my cousins baby was born.  Check it out here.

Quilt 3 – NOT done.
Next up on my list is my Dr Who Quilt.  It is still in close to the stage I started with.  I did un-sew a piece of sashing that just did not look right.  Other than that I have just been moving it out of my way.  Hopefully in Q3 I can finish this quilt, as I want to put it into my guilds quilt show.

Quilt 4 – NOT done.
Finally on my list is my Border of the month quilt.  It is a long process but the end is in sight.  Hopefully I will finish this in Q3.

For my stretch goals – I only touched two of the quilts, and neither is finished. 
Quilt 5: Zig-Zag Batik Quilt – No progress
Quilt 6: Snowball Quilt – No progress
Quilt 7: Sister's Choice Quilt– No progress
Quilt 8: Easy Street Quilt– Took it to the quilter!!
Quilt 9: Red/White and Black couch Quilt – Quilted it!  Now to bind and label it!
Quilt 10: Grandmother's flower garden– No progress

Check out the Finish-a-long at The Littlest Thistle.

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